Pampering your pet is essential for showcasing your love and affection towards them. Cats are adorable beings, and when you treat them with healthy DIY cat treats, not only will this make them happy buy also allows you to connect with your pet. There are a number of different tasty cat treats that you can prepare in the comfort of your home.

  • Baked flour treats
    Tuna is enjoyed by most cats, and you can prepare delicious treats with them. For this treat, you need to mash some tuna and add some wheat flour to it. Then add some vegetable oil, milk, and an egg to the mixture and stir it nicely. A teaspoon can be used for rolling the dough into small balls and then bake them for 10 minutes. If you wish, then you can consider beef, chicken, or meat as an alternative to tuna.
  • Cat treats with cheese
    DIY healthy cat treats can help you combine your cat’s favorite ingredients and let them enjoy to the fullest. If your furry friend enjoys cheese, then this simple recipe can help you win their heart. All you have to do is prepare the dough by mixing cornmeal, yogurt, cheese, flour, and water and then roll it out flat. Bake the flattened dough like you do with a pizza and then cut it into different-shaped treats. The end product is gooey from the inside and firm from the outside.
  • Chewy treats
    Many variations of this treat can be made, and it is one of those tried and tested recipes that almost all cats love eating. The base of these chewy bars is generally canned cat food, or you can also use baby food. Rice, flour, parsley are some other ingredients, and all these together need to be baked for around 10 minutes.
  • Coconut and fish croutons
    Some of the DIY healthy cat treats can be stored for some time, too like this recipe of croutons. Coconut flour, canned tuna, catnip, egg, water, and olive oil can be mixed together in a food processor. The mixture needs to be rolled on a baking sheet and then baked for almost 15 minutes. When the croutons become brown from the top and look dry, then they can be considered done.
  • Cookies
    Many kinds of cookies can also be prepared for your pet cat. Some of the cookies need minimum ingredients and can be freshly baked to entice the cats. They are wholesome, filling, and delicious.

DIY healthy cat treats allow you to treat your pets whenever you feel like. It also takes care of their health. You can store some of the treats like cookies in a jar for convenience and serve some of them fresh from the oven to make your cat happy and satisfied.