Essential oils originate from different parts of a plant like flowers, stems, and seeds, plus they are known for their aromatic nature. When you have pets in your home, then there are some points to remember while using essential oils around them since pets can be allergic or sensitive towards certain oils. Following are some pet-friendly essential oils that are considered safe for pets.

  • Chamomile essential oil
    Using only a few drops of essential oil is adequate for reaping its benefits. Chamomile oil can be used for various uses, such as supporting a pet’s skin health, and it also extends relief for an upset stomach. Other than that, you can use chamomile oil for relieving stress and hyperactivity in your pet. It helps him stay calm and relaxed. This oil also helps in getting sound and tranquil sleep and keeps fear and anger at bay.
  • Ginger essential oil
    Another important entry on the list of pet friendly-essential oils, ginger oil can be used for calming inflammation and promoting easy and convenient breathing in pets. Along with that, if a pet is experiencing joint pain, ginger oil can provide comfort. The digestive function of a pet can also be improved with the use of this essential oil.
  • Frankincense essential oil
    It is known for its properties to elevate the mood of the pets and making them confident and fearless. Also, this essential oil can be used for its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Myrrh essential oil
    Another vital addition to pet-friendly essential oils list, myrrh oil, promotes alertness in pets, and it encourages a sense of security and tranquility in them. Pets can experience a sense of balance with the help of this oil.
  • Cedarwood virginian essential oil
    This oil has more than one benefit for the pets. For instance, it can be used to stimulate circulation and reduce the discomfort caused by spasms, cramping, and other pains. Cedarwood oil also keeps the insects at a distance and discourages them from harming the pets by biting them. The immune function of pets can also be improved with the use of this oil.
  • Valerian essential oil
    This oil keeps the negative feelings away from the pets and extends relief from mental distress. Wounds of pets can also be healed at a faster rate with the help of this oil. It calms the pet’s skin and also controls hyperactivity in them.
  • Clary sage essential oil
    The anti-fungal properties of this oil can be beneficial in many scenarios, plus this oil extends a feeling of relaxation to the mind.

Pet-friendly essential oils are useful in different ways, but it is also important to note that their uses and benefits can be different for different pets and their species. Therefore, you must use them accordingly.