Cocktails are one of the most popularly served socializing drinks all over the world. In fact, if you frequently host parties, whipping up your own cocktails is an irreplaceable skill. Making these drinks is not as difficult as people assume they are. Here are some easy cocktail recipes for beginners that can be made with minimal ingredients at home.

  • Mojito: Mojito is super popular as a cocktail because it is refreshing, affordable, and tasty. Take a glass and add a lime wedge and some mint leaves to it. Crush these with a muddler or a wooden ladle. Add one more lime wedge, some sugar syrup, ice, carbonated water, and rum to the glass. Stir and enjoy the drink.
  • Pomegranate margaritas: This wonder drink is an easy cocktail recipe for beginners, yet can taste like it was made by a professional if you pay some attention. Take a tall pitcher and add one cup of pomegranate juice, half a cup of lime juice, some tequila, and some Cointreau. You can mix in sugar syrup if you want your cocktail sweet. Top the pitcher with ice and enjoy the drink with lemon wedges floating on it.
  • Sunrise tequila: With this amazing cocktail, you will find it hard to stop with just one drink. Add into a tall glass half a cup of orange juice, a quarter cup of pomegranate juice, some sugar syrup, and top with tequila and ice cubes. Enjoy the drink fresh.
  • Bee’s knees: This is a simple three-ingredient easy cocktail recipe for beginners. All you need for it is gin, lemon juice, and honey. Add the ingredients in a glass, stir well, add ice cubes and garnish with some lemon wedges.
  • White Russian: Want to try something different? The White Russian is a great drink for you. This is also a 3-ingredient drink and uses 1 part coffee liqueur, 2 parts vodka, and 2 parts cream/whole milk. Use a short glass and fill it up with the liqueur and vodka. Top with the cream or milk.
  • Kentucky lemonade: This is such a fun, refreshing and easy cocktail recipe for beginners that you will love. Pick up a tall glass and add some bourbon, ginger ale, crushed lemon juice and mint leaves, sugar syrup, and ice. Stir well and serve.
  • The popsicle cocktail: If you want to try a cocktail that tastes exactly like a popsicle, this one is for you. Add some whipped vodka, orange juice, and ginger ale in a tall glass and serve with ice and orange wedges.

All these easy cocktail recipes for beginners are lovely to drink by yourself or to serve to family and guests, and are all made from easily available ingredients. Try them out and invite your friends for a cocktail party this weekend to stun your loved ones!