College is an overall expensive affair, and you will need the right financial support to handle your tuition costs and your living expenses. This is why students always have to think twice before investing in something big. A laptop is an essential investment for a college-going student. Here is a list of top laptops for college students that are affordable yet advanced and sturdy enough to last you through the years.

Dell XPS 15
This is a solid laptop that is sleek, stylish, and is loaded with basics like Windows 10, Microsoft Office, and an antivirus package. These laptops are powered by i5, i7, or i9 Intel Core processors depending on what you choose. These also have an awesome OLED display that is bright and clear. The basic price starts at around $1000.

Microsoft Surface Laptop
In the list of top laptops for college students, this very stylish laptop is definitely a part, thanks to its touch screen capability. You can easily convert this into a tablet when you want a more compact device. This laptop has a solid 14.5 hours of battery life, which is very impressive. The laptop is equipped with Windows 10S and omnisonic speakers that are a class apart. The starting price of the laptop is also aroun $1000.

Acer Swift 1
For students on a tight budget, the Acer Swift 1 laptop is a great choice. The basic version costs just around $290, and this comes with a 13.3 inch HD display, an N4200 Intel Pentium quad-core processor, and a 64 GB storage capacity. This laptop also comes with the  Windows 10 Home package integrated and is ready to use.

Asus Vivobook
This W202 version is yet another budget-friendly option in the list of top laptops for college students. With starting prices at around $280, this is a stylish 11.6-inch laptop that is also super lightweight. This model has a strong battery life of up to 11 hours and has Windows 10S installed. This device also has a spill-resistant keyboard which is an added advantage.

HP Stream
The 11-Y010NR laptop is the cheapest among the models in this list. Costing just around $200 for the basic version, this amazing machine will last you all through college like a breeze. This laptop has backlit keyboards, an 11.6-inch display, and over 10 hours of battery life. The model comes equipped with one-year free subscription for Windows 10 Home and has a 34GB hard drive and a 4GB memory capacity.

Getting ready for college involves making a lot of right decisions, keeping in mind your extremely limited budget. A good laptop requires less maintenance and will help you every single day for assignments and research. Choose from any of these top laptops for college students and you will not be disappointed with the machine you end up with.