Overactive bladder is an aggravating condition that is characterized by a sudden and frequent urge to urinate. In this condition, you may feel the need to pass urine several times a day. The condition can make a person’s life miserable so it is important to identify the possible symptoms and treat it on time. Here, we will talk about the early warning symptoms of overactive bladder that you must never ignore.

Understanding the early symptoms of overactive bladder can help diagnose the condition on time and begin with the suitable treatment. If you experience any of these symptoms, you can choose to undergo certain diagnostic tests to confirm the results.

A sudden urge to pass urine
This is one of the common early warning symptoms of overactive bladder. The condition causes involuntary contractions in the muscles of the bladder. These contractions occur even when the amount of urine in the bladder is low, thus causing frequent urge to urinate.

Unintentional loss of urine
This is also known as urine incontinence. This is a condition in which the person is unable to control the bladder, resulting in unintentional loss of urine. The symptom also occurs because of involuntary and uncontrollable bladder muscle contractions when the urine is entering the bladder. The leakage can be as little as a few drops to several ounces of urine. It is an extremely distressing symptom that can cause social embarrassment. And this why, it is very important to treat the problem immediately.

Frequent urination
This is another one of the early warning symptoms of overactive bladder. People suffering from this condition usually feel the need to urinate at least 8 times in a day. They seldom have a full bladder before the need to urinate arises. It must be understood that frequent urination in this case has nothing to do with the consumption of fluids. Even when the patient limits the intake of fluids, the need to urinate frequently still remains.

Waking up in the middle of the night to urinate
This condition is also called nocturia. In this, a person’s sleep cycle gets disrupted because of the urge to urinate in the middle of the night. Consequently, the person wakes up at least two to three times at night to use the bathroom. This symptom can be really annoying, especially for the elderly who are unable to get a sound sleep at night.

A person with an overactive bladder can often feel difficult to empty the bladder completely. They may feel the need to use the restroom time and again throughout the day. If you experience any of these early warning symptoms of overactive bladder, you must consult a doctor immediately.