Cutting down on alcohol and narcotic cravings is quite challenging, but it can be made easier for addicts if they use natural alternatives. As addiction to alcohol and substance is a chronic condition that can take a long time to manage, natural treatments can help in giving addicts success in controlling cravings. Below are some natural treatments for alcohol and substance abuse.

Acupuncture is one of the natural treatments for alcohol and substance abuse effective in reducing the urge. This treatment involves inserting thin needles into the skin at traditionally prescribed points. This is a great rehabilitation tool, while some may experience quick results of acupuncture, others may take some time to feel the results. This natural treatment is also becoming a complementary treatment in many addiction recovery programs.

It is not easy to quit drinking and overcome substance or alcohol addiction; practicing meditation every day is a great natural treatment for alcohol and substance abuse. Meditation will help cope with stress, anxiety, and any other negative feelings that one feels post cutting down alcohol and substance. This treatment has helped many addicts, as in this process, they can work towards reacting to negative stimuli in a better way. By simply sitting quietly and calming the mind and body through breathing, addicts can control their alcohol and drug cravings.

Diet also plays an important role in helping cut down on alcohol and substance cravings, naturally. Addicts need to replenish the body with essential nutrients by including fruits, vegetables, chicken, and eggs in the diet while avoiding sugary snacks. When blood sugar level falls, addicts experience cravings for alcohol. Making healthy eating choices and stabilizing blood sugar levels will help resist drinking temptations. Addicts can consult a dietician who can help them create a diet plan.

Vitamins and supplements
Drugs and alcohol can have an adverse effect on health as essential vitamins are stripped from the body due to overconsumption. Nearly all addicts are malnourished in some way, and using a combination of supplements is a great way to overcome the deficit, which will reduce cravings. Including essential vitamins and supplements such as Omega-3, vitamin B complex, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron will help addicts lead a healthy life. However, supplements should be taken only with an appropriate professional consultation.

Traditional medicine prescribes herbs as popular natural treatments for alcohol and substance abuse. Kudzu herb is often used by addicts to cut back on alcohol. Milk thistle is a medicinal herb, which is also known to help reduce alcohol cravings. Passionflower and Skullcap are some other herbs effective for reducing cravings. Seeking proper medical advice before using any herbs is important.

With dedication, support, and using a variety of alternative natural treatments for addiction and substance abuse, addiction recovery is possible. Addicts can explore all these natural treatments and make the road to cutting down on alcohol and substance easier.