Migraine is a recurring headache that can last for few hours to several days. The headache is accompanied with a throbbing sensation, nausea and vomiting. This makes it crucial for the migraine sufferers to recognize the triggers in order to minimize the frequent episodes. One of the most common types of triggers are the strong odors. So, here are the common odors that trigger migraines that must be avoided.

Cigarette Smoke
This smell strongly affects those who have migraines. Both smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke can be equally triggering as the nicotine present in the cigarettes can change the size of the blood vessels in the brain. The growth of these vessels instantly causes a headache.

Food Odors
Among various odors that trigger migraines, food odors are the most common. Strong smelling spices can prepare good meals for some, but for those with recurrent migraines, they can be extremely frustrating. Garlic, onions, and various aromatic herbs must be avoided to prevent them from aggravating the migraine. Also, since it can be difficult to eliminate them completely, you can lessen their impact, by opening the windows to welcome fresh air.

The long list of odors that trigger migraines also includes perfumes. The perfumes generate pleasant scents and are supposed to make you feel fresh. However, certain notes present in them can trigger migraine attacks. This makes it important for the patients to understand the kind of scents that can irritate them, so that they can be avoided in the future.

Any alcohol with a strong scent must be avoided so that you do not suffer a migraine attack. An alcohol that carries an overwhelming smell can create a temporary blockage in the brain, which can lead to painful migraines.

Scented Candles
If your migraine trigger is scent-related, you must not keep scented candles inside your living space. The candles contain strong odors that trigger migraines and release certain chemicals while burning, which can cause severe headaches.

Cleaning Agents
A lot of cleaning agents also hold the ability to trigger the migraine episodes. These cleaners may release gases or chemicals that can lead to the onset of migraine. Such scents linger on the surfaces and in the air for a long time even when the cleaning is done. You can replace them with alternatives that do not carry the strong fumes.

Air Fresheners
Air fresheners are used to freshen the air with the floral smells. But, for migraine sufferers, these smells can turn into odors that trigger migraines. To combat the odors without experiencing a headache, you can switch to various natural ways of freshening up the air.

You can easily prevent the frequent migraine attacks by understanding what actually triggers them. The odors mentioned above are some of the common triggers that can be completely avoided by you.