When it comes to lipsticks, knowing how to apply it correctly is not enough. To look your best, you need to select the right shade that matches perfectly with your skin tone, and you also need to use the right type of lipstick. There are different types of lipsticks available, and here we have listed out some of them that you should have in your makeup bag.

  • Sheer lipsticks – For shine and sparkle
    Of the different types of lipsticks, this one has the most moisturizing oils and is perfect for dry lips. They add a touch of sparkle to the lips and give them a lustrous look. They are perfect for office or parties. However, this type of lipstick does need to be touch up every few hours.
  • Matte lipsticks – For an elegant and sophisticated look
    This type of lipstick is good for those with lips that are patchy or pigmented. They give a full color and smooth texture. Before applying this type of lipstick, it might be a good idea to exfoliate and moisturize your lips using a lip balm for the best result.
  • Glossy lipsticks – For a glamorous look
    These lipsticks are good for dry, thin lips as they give a shiny appearance to the lips. They are also good for hydrating dry lips. They are available in liquid form or gloss-sticks, and you can choose the one that you find the easiest to apply. They definitely make the lips attractive and shiny.
  • Creamy lipsticks – For gloss and texture
    Among the different types of lipsticks, these are the easiest to apply with a gliding motion. In addition to nourishing oils that prevent lips from drying, these lipsticks also contain a high amount of wax. This wax helps the lipstick to remain on for a longer time. These types of lipsticks could break or melt in hot, humid weather and, therefore, keeping them in the fridge or a cool place could prevent this from happening. This type of lipstick is ideal for when you are in a rush as the lips do not require any prepping before application.
  • Stain or lip tints – Less shine, more color
    Of the different types of lipsticks, these lipsticks can last for the whole day without a touch-up. However, they can make the lips dry, and therefore, using a lip balm before the application can prevent this. Mostly found in liquid form, these lipsticks are easy to apply and offer a more natural look.
  • Pearl and frosted lipsticks – For a shiny effect
    Even though these types of lipsticks could make your lips dry and crack, they make them shiny and glisten. You can overcome the issue of dry lips by moisturizing your lips before use.

If you have these different types of lipsticks in your makeup bag, you will look your amazing best in no time at all.