When the skin starts to age, the natural elasticity of the skin is lost. Therefore, the capacity of the skin to rebound after a smile or frown comes down with age. This is the reason why the facial expressions often leave behind permanent fine lines and wrinkles. Though this is a natural process, there are several useful tips to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from occurring prematurely.

Easy tips to prevent fine lines and wrinkles

Pay attention to skin damage from sun exposure
When you start using a good sunscreen right from a young age, you can significantly slow down the appearance of fine lines. Skin that is damaged from constant exposure to the sun is more vulnerable to pigmentation issues and lines that occur as your skin starts aging.

Hydrate the skin and your body
Dryness of the skin and dehydration in the body can be factors that lead to premature aging of the skin. Dry skin also starts looking tired and old. Even the tiniest of lines are prominent on dry skin. Using a gentle everyday moisturizer right from your twenties and keeping yourself well-hydrated throughout the day can keep your skin young and healthy.

Get your beauty sleep
Good sleep plays a critical role in skin aging. If you are looking for tips to prevent fine lines and wrinkles that work, focus on getting proper sleep every night. The quality and quantity are both important for maintaining fresh and beautiful skin. Switch to satin pillowcases that are gentle on the skin. Besides age-related wrinkles, healthy sleep can also eliminate dark circles and sagging eyelids that are the other visible indications of aging.

Cut down on your unhealthy habits
Smoking and excess alcohol are both detrimental to aging skin. To maintain the natural glow of your skin, it is important to give up on your unhealthy habits and focus on switching to a healthy diet.

Facial exercises
There are several facial exercises and even some yoga postures that are known to exercise the facial muscles. These keep up the elasticity of the facial skin and slow down the appearance of aging signs.

Antioxidants are the magic ingredients
There are many food items known to be rich in antioxidants like green tea. These eliminate the free radicals in the skin and impart that energetic glow. People who include a healthy dose of such antioxidant-rich items in their meal end up looking younger for their age. It can also have a positive impact on overall skin health and prevent a variety of skin conditions.

With all these tips to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, both men and women can keep their skin supple and young for a long time.