Dryness of the eyes is a common issue that many men and women face. Now, dry eyes cannot always be felt or experienced, but it can lead to a lot of eye problems in the future. So, while in the severe cases of dryness, you should consult a doctor and take medicines, there are a few DIY tips for dry eyes that you must follow to keep the problem at bay to a significant extent. 

Blink regularly
This might sound surprising, but this is one of the most important DIY tips for dry eyes to engage in regularly. Blinking is something natural and usually taken for granted. But to avoid dry eyes, what you need to do is blink consciously and more than natural. Blinking actually helps in renewing the tear film, which plays a crucial role in protecting and moisturizing the eyes. This DIY tip should be taken even more seriously by people who need to look at the computer screen for long stretches of time.

Take frequent computer breaks
One of the major reasons for the dryness of the eyes is staring at your mobile or computer screen for long. Now, several jobs require one to sit for hours in front of the computer. You cannot avoid doing this, but you should take frequent breaks in between work. One of the DIY tips for dry eyes is to follow a 20-20-20-rule. It requires you to spend at least 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes. This exercise gives a welcome break and reduces the strain caused on your eyes.

Wash your eyes
Everyone washes their faces diligently, but when it comes to washing the eye area in particular, most don’t care much. However, if you have a dry eye problem, then you must carefully cleanse your eyelids and the surrounding area with a baby shampoo or a mild soap. This helps in cutting down on the inflammation of the eyelids. Close your eyes and keep massaging the area gently with cool or lukewarm water, and you will feel a lot of relief from dryness and itching sensation that you have.

Apply a warm compress to your eyes
As one of the essential DIY tips for dry eyes, apply a moist, warm compress to your eyes. This will help the lids produce more lipids and, thereby, can boost the tear quality, which will reduce the dry eye symptoms in the process. The compress can be followed by a gentle wash. However, the way to make the most of this tip is to find the right temperature spot, which is not too hot and just warm to be therapeutic. A clean cloth should also be a priority.

With these DIY tips for dry eyes, you can take enough care of your eyes and ensure that dryness does not affect your eye health in the long run.