Autonomous vehicles can drive itself from a starting point to a pre-determined destination using in-vehicles technologies. These vehicles have sensors that identifies the obstacles and navigation routes that allows the smooth movement of the car. Here are some of the top autonomous vehicles of 2021.

The topmost contenders in the robotic vehicle segment is the car from Google subsidiary Waymo. The features include camera, radar sensors and LiDar. The sensors can even recognize the sirens, coming from the emergency automobiles on the road, providing safety and convenience. The initial operation of the vehicle started in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, because of its congenial environment, traffic rules, as well as weather. Now, the vehicle is also being tested across different locations like Michigan to help it adapt well in various environmental conditions.

Among the top autonomous vehicles of 2021, is Origin of Cruise Automation, the self-driving subsidiary of General Motors. The vehicle is specifically designed to operate without a driver. It comes with a wide range of sensors that is fitted all around the body to get a broader wavelength spectrum. The vehicle offers wireless internet and device chargers that passengers can use while they ride. It also has three interior cameras that monitor the safety of people. Additionally, these self-driving vehicles use AI technology for quicker processing of decisions.

Next Two
Part of the Renault group, the car is one of the top autonomous vehicles of 2021. The vehicle utilizes advanced driver assistance system that helps in boosting safety on the road. Additionally, the cars have cameras placed on the central rearview mirror for proper placement. A radar is also installed on the front to detect automobiles on the road and analyze its speed. Furthermore, these vehicles come equipped with an ultrasound belt that is managed by a control unit to powertrain modules and protect against contradictory communication.

Tesla Model S
The vehicle is the world’s first-ever all-electric vehicle that offers efficiency, security, and performance. It has a feature called Autopilot, an advanced driver assistance system that allows the car to operate without assistance from a human. The vehicle features multiple long-range ultrasonic sensors along with a forward-looking camera and a radar to identify vehicles nearby across all directions and at all speeds. Additionally, the car also comes built with a digitally-controlled braking system for better safety. Furthermore, the vehicle supports easy self-parking, lane centering, automatic lane changes, and more through the use of ultrasonic, GPS, radar sensors and camera.

So, these are the some of the top autonomous vehicles of 2021. These cars have the ability to work on city streets and respond to traffic controls. In future, you can expect more cars to have the autopilot feature that will make the car much safer in the years to come.