With so many car brands around us, it is difficult to pick the best ones. In this article, we will tell you about the top small car brands that have bagged superior ratings from the users. These brands offer the highest-quality cars, and are known for their dynamic performance, and suite of innovative features.

It is difficult to find a Honda car that hasn’t earned rave reviews. The highly prestigious brand does everything right. Cars like Civic and Accord are known for their exceptional interiors, ample space for cargo and passengers, and easy-to-use features. Also, these cars deliver incredible performance and have excellent fuel economy ratings. Honda’s range of electric and hybrid cars is largely unmatched.

Mazda has a wonderful variety of cars including Mazda3, Mazda6, and MX-5 Miata. These cars have successfully carried the brand to the top of the industry. Mazda3 is a great compact car that comes with an energetic engine, good fuel economy, and dynamic handling. These cars include top-of-the-line features that promise to make the ride truly amazing. Mazda’s unique infotainment system is also one of the strongest points of the brand.

Toyota has a long-standing reputation for offering feature-packed, practical, and affordable cars. It earns a high score when it comes to reliability. With well-known models like Corolla and Prius, Toyota has appealed to a wider audience base and achieved complete owner satisfaction. The brand offers many innovative features to make the drive much more fun. It also guarantees an excellent fuel economy.

Kia is one of the top small car brands that make amazing vehicles. Models like Forte and Cadenza are popular among the users for their well-built interiors and a host of practical features. Also, Kia’s infotainment system has the most user-friendly interface in comparison to other competitors. The vehicles has great fuel economy and come with much longer warranty periods.

Buick claims to be one of the best brands in small cars. Most of its vehicles are made from high-quality material and impart a luxurious feel. But even the non-luxury models like Regal and LaCrosse feature spacious cabins, comfortable seats, and plenty of intuitive tech features. The brand has also received excellent reliability ratings.

Hyundai offers several enticing cars, including the Veloster and Elantra. The two compact range cars are known for their reliability ratings and pleasant interiors. As a brand, Hyundai offers one of the longest warranties on the market. Hyundai’s Ioniq is another popular model that comes with a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully-electric powertrain.

Volkswagen cars have an all-around appeal. It is one of the top small car brands that offer two feature-packed compact cars — Golf and GTI. These cars offer a great line up of features in tandem with well-built interiors.

These are some of the top small car brands that you must consider while purchasing a compact car.